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Honda BF 2.3HP in the backcountry
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Honda BF 2.3 HP Outboard Motor

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The best things come in small packages. This small motor from Honda Marine is ahead of its time weighing in at only 29 lbs it is the lightest 4-stoke motor of this size on the market. Another unique feature on this portable outboard from Honda is the air cooling system, this motor has no waterpump and is cooled by air making it a great option for running on a canoe or smaller boat as there are no worries if the motor is lifted out of the water for brief periods of time. This motor is really exciting and features a centrifugal clutch offering smooth transition out of idle automatically engaging prop, another nice addition to the selling points on this motor the maintnence schedule as previously mentioned no water pump so you will essentially just be changing fluid throughout this motors life. Backed by the Honda Marine 5 year Non-Declining warranty!